Frictional Games shared a couple of moments of its next game

Frictional Games

That disrupting little mystery site for Frictional Games’ next venture is still entrancingly doing its thing, and fans are as yet interfacing specks and searching for answers in another reality game (ARG). We don’t have a clue what the new game is yet – not actually – yet we do have a new film to go off of.

In the recording, a terrified lady advises herself that “I am Tasi. I am still Tasi.” She’s going all through awareness, and is searching for a man – somebody who “must comprehend.” For a couple of tempting seconds, she gets a full perspective on her environment. She’s in a desert during a vicious dust storm.

Frictional Games

That probably won’t appear to be a scene from a frightfulness game, yet the sound plan unquestionably effectively expresses the idea. Fans are thinking about whether this could be another Amnesia game, yet I wouldn’t be amazed if it’s new.

SOMA’s existential emergency strikes dread in my heart right up ’til today. I’d be down for that edge once more.

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